Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

Networking and Multi User licences

Sharing Licence Information / Floating Licences

EDS software can have user licence and authorization information shared, on a network, on any shared drive. This will save time when licensing multiple workstations. Users may run the authorized number of packages on any workstations attached to the network where EDS is installed.

All workstations to be used with a floating licence for EDS programs require EDS software to be installed.

After EDS installation on each workstation you will need to set up the shared licences. To do this

  1. On each workstation run the SCADA Licence Manager.

  2. On the SCADA Licence Manager main dialog, select a SHARED NETWORK drive as the licence drive. To do this press the "Add Drive" button, then browse for the desired drive in the list or enter its name (this may be a UNC name). Other drives can be deleted from the list by selecting the drive and pressing the "Delete Drive" button.

    You may add up to three licence drives. EDS will check for the first available licence in the order in which the drives appear in the list.

    The selected licence drives must have READ and WRITE permissions granted to all EDS users.

  3. On the first workstation used to select the shared licence drive, you will also need to set up: the number of licences you have purchased, the DVD serial number and install authorization codes. For more information on entering authorization codes - re. Multi User Installation

  4. For all workstations, after the first, you need only select the licence drive from the SCADA Licence Manager main dialog.

"No user locks available"

The message "No user locks available" indicates that all multi-user licences are in use. See User Locks.