Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

Moving a licence from one PC to another

It is possible to transfer licences from one PC to another. The procedure involves the removal of AND verification of the removal of existing licences, followed by the authorization of the new PC.

If you require to transfer licences regularly you should consider using a portable licence instead.

To transfer your licences regularly is not advised due to possible time delays.

This procedure requires communication with SCADA Systems and may take time [ possibly minutes and also possibly hours ].

It is advisable to book a time with a SCADA Systems engineer, prior to the transfer, to minimize delays.

Rebuilding a computer

If you must reformat the drive of a computer that contains EDS licences, you must follow the licence transfer procedure below to transfer the licence from the old system onto the new system. You cannot "backup and restore" the SLICENCE directory.


  1. Start Licence Manager on the PC which contains the existing licences to be transferred.

  2. Press the "Configure Licences" button. The configuration dialog will be displayed.

  3. Press the "Remove Licence" button. Licence Manager will ask you for some identification information, then it will email a "removal verification" to SCADA Systems. If you do not have an accessible email system on your PC, then a text file will be created in your EDS installation directory named "Authcode Transfer.Txt". The contents of this file will need to be faxed to your dealer or to SCADA Systems.

  4. Once SCADA Systems receives a valid "removal verification" you can be immediately sent new codes for the new or reformatted PC.

  5. Authorise the new or reformatted PC by following either the Install Standalone or the Install MultiUser procedures.

Contents of the file "Authcode Transfer.Txt"

First Name: JohnUser Identification information to assist us in identifying your licence database and to ensure the person transferring is authorized to do so.
Last Name: Smith 
Position: Cad Administrator 
Company: ACME, MA 
Country: USA 
Drive: X:Diagnostics
Ini File Path: C:\EDS50Diagnostics
Number of Users: Elecdes=100 Paneldes=100 Instrument Manager = 100Number of licences removed
Serial Number: 500923CD Serial no
Elecdes ID Code: 500923-6E100-F2AF5A05Old ID Codes
Paneldes ID Code: 500923-2P100-E7CA6EAB 
Instrument Manager ID Code: 500923-2I100-FC4410C2 
Elecdes Auth Code: 9d181b54Old Auth Codes
Paneldes Auth Code: 516958ec 
Instrument Manager Auth Code: 99A41CB0 
Elecdes Removal Code: e6525e7bMatching removal verification codes for the above
Paneldes Removal Code: 3946183e 
Instrument Manager Removal Code: 07EEC1D2