Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

Installing an Evaluation licence

Elecdes Design Suite applications are available for evaluation.

An evaluation licence is limited to the same level as a LITE licence.


  1. Complete the EDS installation.

  2. On activation of Elecdes, Paneldes, Protogen or Instrument Manager, LICENCE MANAGER will be run and an Authorisation code will be requested.

  3. From the Licence Manager Main Window, select "I wish to use an evaluation code >".

  4. Enter the evaluation code obtained from your supplier.

  5. Minimise the Licence Manager, do not close it. Each time Licence Manager is closed, the evaluation code will need to be re-entered.

  6. Re-run the program or Elecdes function.

    All applications will then run in evaluation mode - for a limited time.