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Selecting Clone and Anchor for a SUB-DBF/SUB-PROTOTYPE


In a Protogen "SUB DBF" each record (row) represents a sub prototype that is to be inserted at an anchor point on a master prototype. You must name the clone that is destined to contain the information of that record and name the anchor point on that clone where the sub prototype of the record will be inserted. This is done in the DRAWING (or SDRAWING) column of the sub database.

You must separate the CLONE and ANCHOR with a '.' (Full stop / Period). If the Clone will be named SHEET1 and the anchor was named _BORDER then the DRAWING or SDRAWING field should contain "SHEET1._BORDER", a combination of the two names.

From Protogen the CLONE and ANCHOR may be selected from a list.

Navigating and the formation of the Selection Lists


To select a CLONE and ANCHOR for a row in the SUB DBF;

  1. Select the DRAWING (or SDRAWING) column and the row of interest.

  2. Click the right button of the mouse and choose the CLONE and ANCHOR option.

  3. A dialog listing the CLONES of your project will appear. This is derived from the master DBF. Choose one of these clones. Alongside the CLONES list, a list of the anchor points of the master DBF is displayed. Select the appropriate anchor point for this record. Then press "OK".

  4. The CLONE and ANCHOR for a row will be set in the record of interest.