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Populating the databases


A Protogen database will consist of one or more tables (DBF files) of rows and columns. The rows are known as records and the columns are known as fields.

Each record will be linked to a prototype and a clone diagram will be created from it. This diagram may be inserted into another clone diagram if you are using a relational Protogen system.

At some stage in the diagram creation process you must enter the data that will be required in the clone diagrams.

All record data may be typed, keyed in, cut, pasted or even loaded via a macro from another application. This procedure is similar to any data entry that you may have done with other database applications.

Protogen database files may be opened with MS-EXCEL, MS-ACCESS, DBase and many other database applications.

Tools and Special fields

Protogen provides automation to allow the following "special field" data entry operations to be done quickly and in many cases without manual data entry:

Protogen also has editing tools for:

Finding and Replacing, Multi item form editing, sequential incrementation of data, cut / paste.