Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

Placement Context Menu

PanPan the drawing while placing a component.
ZoomZoom the drawing while placing a component.
OffsetType in an offset for the component from the cursor position.
RotationType in the rotation angle about each of the three co-ordinate axes.
ResetReset all parameters back to the defaults.
SnapEnable snap to grid.
Change Aperture SizeSet the end-snap aperture size for placing raceway.
End SnapEnable the option to snap a route segment to the free end of any other route segment. This only appears when constructing raceway.
Keep Snap AlignmentRetain the alignment of the last end-snap when the cursor moves off the free end of the other segment to which it was snapped.
TrimmingTrim length segments when attaching corner, riser, Tee and X segments.
Always Pick LengthAlways pick the length for length segments even if it has been specified.
UCS Icon OriginDisplay the UCS ICON at the UCS origin.
Set Viewport SnapSet the snap size for the viewport.
Set UCS to WorldSet UCS to world (WCS).
Set UCS to ViewSet the UCS to the view direction of the current viewport.
Switch Plate UCSSwitch the dragging direction of the plate. This only appears when placing a plate
Constrain Plate to PanelConstrain the plate to the frame boundaries of the panel. Only applies when placing a plate.
Constrain to PlateConstrain the component you are placing within the boundaries of the plate on which you are placing it.
HelpDisplay the help menu for keyboard shortcuts.
Exit Menu(ESC)Exit the current menu. You can also press the ESC key.
Quit to DialogCancel picking the position and return to the dialog.