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Desk Panels

DimensionCatalog FieldDescription
(H)Height:HEIGHTThe overall height of the panel.
(W)Width:WIDTHThe overall width of the panel.
(L)Length:LENGTHThe overall length of the panel.
(BH)Base Height:HEIGHT1The height of the base of the panel.
(FH)Front Height:HEIGHT2The height of front edge of the desk.
(MH)Middle Height:HEIGHT3The height of the middle edge of the desk.
(TH)Top Height:HEIGHT4The height of the top edge of the desk.
(BO)Base Offset:LENGTH1The offset of the base from the front of the panel.
(FO)Front Offset:LENGTH2The offset of the middle plate from the front.
(TO)Top Offset:LENGTH3The offset of the top from the front.