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Panel Types

Paneldes supports six types of parametrically definable panels. The types are "BASIC", "SIMPLEX", "SWING", "TROLLEY", "KIOSK" and "DESK".

Below is a summary of each type.


The "BASIC" panel type is the simplest of the types. It is a simple 3D box with height, width, length and a plate on each side of the box.

Dimensions of Basic Panels


The "Simplex" panel type is similar to the "BASIC" type but has a base.

Dimensions of Simplex Panels


The "Swing" type is designed to be mounted on a wall. The entire panel swings out from the back, which is mounted on the wall.

Dimensions of Swing Panels


The "Trolley" panel represents a moveable panel possibly on wheels.

Dimensions of Trolley Panels


A "Kiosk" panel has a sloped roof and two doors.

Dimensions of Kiosk Panels


A "Desk" panel can represent a control desk.

Dimensions Desk Panels