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How to Global Edit Components on your Drawing


The Global Editor allows you to modify all components on the drawing by allowing you to edit the Bill of Materials file. It can then reconstruct the components on your drawing to match the new parameters you have changed with the Global Editor.


  1. Choose the Global Editor entry from the Utilities and BOM menu.

  2. You will be asked if you wish to generate a new BOM file. Click YES if you have modified your drawing since you last generated the BOM.

  3. You will then be prompted to select the components on the model that you wish to Global Edit. Use the mouse to pick the items or, for ALL items, press enter.

  4. You will be presented with the Global Editor Window shown below:

    For a full description of how to use the Global Editor see the Global Editor help file.

  5. When you have finished editing you will be asked if you want to modify the drawing with the modified data. Click YES to update the drawing.

  6. You will then be asked if you want to reconstruct any raceway envelope.