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Importing Access Database Tables


  1. Select "Import Data" from the Instrument Manager file menu.

  2. Select the tag table into which the components should be imported.

    In a project database created from the default database template there will be only a single tag table.

  3. Select "Access Table" from the list of "Types of Files to Import".

  4. Click the [Next] button.

    Select the import mapping file to use. This will have to be prepared in advance.

  5. Enter the name of the database file from which to import a table. To select a database file click the [Browse] button.

  6. Click the [Next] button.

  7. Select the table to be imported from the chosen database file.

  8. Click the [Finish] button to import the table.

  9. If the imported table contains component names that already exist in your project database, then you will be asked if the existing component data should be overwritten. Existing components will not be completely overwritten. Only the data that is mapped from the imported file will be overwritten.


If you are using this feature to import data from another Instrument Manager project database, you should not provide any column mappings for non-data columns, for example the container relationship columns P1_IDX and P1_TABLE. If you map any relational columns, the results are undefined.

Drag and Drop

You can now drag the files that are to be imported and drop them onto the "Select Files" dialog rather than browsing for those files.

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