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Running AutoCAD without EDS


If you run AutoCAD from a non EDS shortcut it will load the last profile that was used. If Elecdes was the last AutoCAD application you ran then AutoCAD will load the Elecdes profile including menus and toolbars.

The best way to avoid this is to use a new profile for running AutoCAD without EDS.


  • Click your right mouse button on the AutoCAD shortcut and choose properties

  • Add the text -p "NewProfileName" to the end of the Target line. The example below is loading a profile called "RAW". You must include quotes around the profile name.

  • If the profile you specify does not exist, AutoCAD will create the profile with the default settings. As you change the AutoCAD preferences, while running with the RAW profile, AutoCAD will save them for future use without conflict or overlap with the EDS profiles.

  • The Elecdes and Paneldes shortcuts use this method to load the "Elecdes50" and "Paneldes50" profiles respectively. See EDS settings for AutoCAD