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How to Combine the Results of Smaller Projects: Sub-Projects


Ebase allows a master project to be created, which can contain several smaller projects. The effect of this is that several engineers can each create their own circuits for their own section of plant and the resultant materials lists and cables lists can be merged.

A master project is a normal project.

Recommended project structure

Master Project (500 cables)

  • Engineer1's project (100 cables)

  • Engineer2's project (100 cables)

  • Engineer3's project (100 cables)

  • Engineer4's project (100 cables)

  • Engineer5's project (100 cables)

The master project should contain few or no circuits, it is just a merger of the sub projects.


  1. Create a new project in a chosen master directory to be your master project.

  2. Select other project files (*.PRJ) to include in the project, rather than adding drawing files.

  3. Press Compile Reports, for the master project to generate the combined Bill of Materials and Connection Reports.

    NB: The contributing projects need to have their reports generated prior to this.


The cable list, wire list and BOM reports created for a master project will be the merger of the contributing projects plus any items found in the circuits of the master project.

Duplicate tagnames and cable names are checked during report creation and are reported in the standard WARNINGS column of each merged report.