Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

How to Add and Remove Files from the Project


The project dialog allows you to select the drawing files, EDS database files (*.DSN files) and other sub-projects that are included in the project you are working with. EBASE will process information from these files for the following items:

  • for generating reports, such as Bill of Materials and Cable Schedules.

  • for two way transfer, between drawing and database image files.

  • for On-line cross-referencing and Navigation.


  1. The list of files currently in the project is displayed in the list box on the project dialog.

    • To add drawings or sub-projects to the list click on the Add button. You can then choose one or more files to add to the project. You may choose Elecdes drawings, Paneldes drawings, EDS database link files and other projects to add.

    • To add all the drawings and sub-projects in a directory click the Add Directory button. You can then pick the directory containing the files. If Include Subdirectories is enabled, then all drawings in any subdirectories will also be added to the project.

    • To remove a selection of files from the list, select the files and click the Remove button.

    • To remove all of the files from the project click the Remove All button.

    • If you wish to undo one of the previous operations click the Undo button.

Drag and Drop

You can use the windows drag and drop system to select files to be included in your current project. Simply drag and drop the DWG/PRJ or DSN files of interest (from windows explorer or similar) on to the PROJECT dialog page. Ebase will add all of the files to your project immediately.

If you drop a folder onto the project dialog, all the contained drawings will be added to the project, as well as drawings in subfolders if Include Subdirectories is enabled.

If you drop a PRJ file on to the project dialog it will offer to add it to the current project as an "AUX PROJECT" OR to "open" that project and ask you to confirm a choice! If you choose to open the dropped project then Ebase will NOT save editing changes to the project being edited.

You can also drop drawing files on to the main dialog of Ebase to add them to the current project.