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How to View Warnings and Errors from Reports


Whenever reports are generated for a project, a database file is created containing a summary of all warnings produced in the current report files. The file is named <ProjectName>WARNINGS.DBF. Each warning lists the report, the record number in the report, the TAGNAME of the component and the warning issued.

After generating the reports the warnings database will be displayed if any warnings where encountered. If no warnings are encountered then a success message will be displayed instead.


  1. Open the warnings report for the project.

    Immediately after you generate reports from Ebase this file will be opened automatically if there are any warnings or errors.

  2. When inside a warning report, the menu item Navigate to Warning will be enabled. Select the warning of interest then run this function.

  3. EBASE will open the report file containing the warning and highlight the record for you.

  4. If the cause of the warning cannot be determined from the report then run the function Navigate to Component on the record of interest.

  5. If you are trying to navigate to a conductor which is BLANK then Elecdes will offer you to navigate to its termination(s).

  6. This will open, or activate the CAD session and run the Elecdes function to navigate to the component. Select the component of interest from the list and click the [Navigate To] button.

  7. This will open the drawing containing the component and zoom in on the component. This should facilitate analysis of the drawing to determine the cause of the warning of interest.