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How to Cross-reference Relays Without Catalog Data


Elecdes relay cross-referencing usually relies on the catalog specification of a relay to provide the list of coils and contacts for the cross-reference list. When the catalog specification is available, Elecdes can identify the coil or primary symbol and it has the list of spare subcomponents available for that relay.

In its normal configuration, Elecdes cannot identify the coil symbol when there is no catalog specification. Cross-reference lists will contain warnings about components with no catalog information.

You can configure the Elecdes cross-referencing to identify a coil without a catalog specification and to ignore the warnings.


  1. Go to the Symbols tab page.

  2. Click the Configure for cross-ref without catalog button.

    Changes will be made to your cross-reference and Elecdes preferences that enable you to cross-reference relays without catalog data. Primarily it will set "Coil" = Subcomp 0, which enables Elecdes to identify the coil symbols by name.

    The changes are listed below.

  3. Re-run the Elecdes drawing cross-reference function or Ebase project cross-reference function as required.

The following preferences are changed automatically:

These preferences are set automatically to suit cross-referencing without catalog data when you click the Configure for cross-ref without catalog button. You may change any of these preferences manually if required. You may change any of these settings after clicking the Configure for cross-ref without catalog button.

  • The checkbox "Coil" = Subcomp 0 on the Options tab page will be ticked.

    Elecdes will now identify any symbol listed in the Coil Symbols list on the Symbols tab page as a relay coil. This symbol will then be considered to be the primary subcomponent of the device and may be "hidden". A "reference list" will be always displayed for "coil symbols".

  • The Coil Symbols list will be enabled on the Symbols tab page.

    You can add and remove symbol names to the list of coil symbols. These are the symbol names that will be classified by Elecdes as coil symbols when "Coil" = Subcomp 0 is enabled.

  • The checkbox Show Warnings on the Options tab page will be cleared.

    Elecdes will not show any warnings, in the cross-reference attribute, pertaining to the missing catalog data for the relay.

  • The checkbox Hide Primary on the Options tab page will be ticked.

    Elecdes will not show the reference to the coil in the reference list.

  • On-line Cross-referencing will be disabled in the Elecdes preferences.

    Since there is no catalog specification for these components, the on-line cross-reference will consider these symbols to be erroneous use of the same tagname. Therefore the on-line cross-reference is disabled for drawing without catalog data.