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How to Refer to Components with a Rung Number Reference


  1. An alternative to grid style referencing is rung number referencing. This is achieved by using Elecdes Zone referencing.

  2. To use this style you must have placed Elecdes zones on your drawing. An Elecdes zone is a rectangular region on your drawing with a name.

  3. Ensure that the Use Zones tick box on the Options tab page is ticked.

  4. You can configure the contents of the reference text to be displayed, by altering the settings on the Zone Style tab page. See Configuring the Reference Text for more information.

  5. When generating the reference for a component, Elecdes will check to see if the component is inside a zone. If it is, then the reference for the component's location will be the name of the zone the component is in. If the component is not in a zone then it will default to using grid style referencing.