Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

How to Configure the Symbol Spacing


You can configure the spacing of the symbols in the cross-reference list.


  1. Go to the Options tab page.

  2. Choose the type of settings for which you wish to configure the spacing. Either Normal Settings or NONC or BOM Table settings.

  3. There are five spacing settings that you can adjust. These are shown below:

Coil to Header X,Y The offset of the header of the reference list from the coil symbol on the schematic.
Header to First Item X,Y The offset of the first item in the reference list from the reference list header in drawing units.
Spacing:Normal The spacing between the components in the reference list in drawing units.
Additional Per Phase

The additional amount of spacing to add for each phase above one. E.g. added twice for three phase symbols.

The phases for a symbol is determined from the symbol name. i.e. HI3PCOS is a 3 phase symbol.

This spacing is also used in the BOM/XREF table form of cross referencing if you have selected that system of cross referencing.

Symbol Scale The scale used for the symbols in the reference list.