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How to Change the Reference List Layout for Continental Relays


EDS provides support for continental relays for Alstom Poland. See Special Notes for Alstom.

The cross-reference list for continental relays is drawn in multiple columns, whereas for standard relays only a single column is used.

From this preferences dialog you can enable or disable the continental relay system. You can modify the layout of the cross-reference list for continental relays.


  1. Go to the Continental P-C Relays tab page.

  2. To enable the continental relay system, tick the Use Continental System checkbox.

  3. In the Max Rows box, enter the number for the maximum number of cross-references in each column of the cross-reference list.

  4. In the Column Spacing box, enter the horizontal distance between columns in the cross-reference list.

  5. In the MTD Tag to Header X,Y boxes, enter the horizontal and vertical distance from the MTD tag block to the reference list header. This offset is used to place a reference list header in the correct place when it is first cross-referenced.

    The reference list header is placed at a different offset from the main symbol when compared to reference lists for standard relays. As both a continental relay and a standard relay can be placed on the same drawing, the continental relay has its own offset value.

See also

Further information about the Continental Relay System can be found in Special Notes for Alstom.