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Manufacturer List


In Elecdes and Paneldes each manufacturer is assigned a one or two digit or two letter code. This number is referred to as a manufacturer code. The file MANUFACT.DBF contains a list of manufacturers and the code assigned to each manufacturer. This file is located in the catalog directory.

Each catalog file is named using one of the manufacturer codes. This indicates which manufacturer's components are contained in each catalog file.

Each manufacturer code should be used only once.

Each manufacturer name should be used only once.

The manufacturer name is used to identify the manufacturer in all reports. The manufacturer code is stored in the MFG attribute of a symbol on a drawing to identify the manufacturer of the component. The manufacturer code is also used to name the catalog files.

General or Non-specific Catalogs

The code "0" is intended to be used for general or non-specific catalogs. Components entered into a general catalog could be your most frequently used components, so that they are accessible from a single catalog file.

The general catalog, "0", may be divided into sub-catalogs the same as any other single digit manufacturer code, for example "CatD00G". Thus you can have up to 37 general catalogs for each component type:

 CatD0 + CatD000-CatD009 + CatD00A-CatD00Z = 37 device catalogs.

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