Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

Device Sub-components


Elecdes often represents a single component (e.g. a relay) as several subcomponents, (e.g. several contacts and a coil). This is done to allow you to show separate graphical parts of a component at varying locations on your drawing sheets. This is standard drawing practice with devices such as relays. Subcomponents are only allowed in the device catalogs CATD??.DBF.

If a device must be represented as several symbols it should be represented as several component records in a catalog. If this is done each record represents a subcomponent of the complete component.

All subcomponent records of a component must have the same catalog number.

All subcomponent records must have a unique subcomponent number (e.g. '0') in the SUBCOMP field.

Records that are not subcomponent records must have no data in the SUBCOMP field.

The maximum number of subcomponents for one device is 512.

Modular Subcomponents

Elecdes also supports modular components, e.g. detachable auxiliary contact blocks.

Component records for modular components should have the following in the SUBCOMP field:

"M0" - for the first or main part of the modular component. ("M" can be used rather than "M0")

"M1", "M2" , "M3" etc. - for successive contacts of the modular component.

Modular components may have catalog numbers and manufacturers differing from the components to which they are attached. Modular components may have several parts/contacts or subcomponents.

Modular components can be used in Elecdes circuits without attaching to a main/non modular component.

Alternate Subcomponent Structure

You can specify an alternative subcomponent structure for components inside a catalog file.