Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

Catalog File Structure


The Elecdes catalogs contain:

  • Class information (block name for Elecdes and class for Paneldes).

  • Part number and manufacturer information.

  • Descriptive information and ratings.

  • Physical size information (parametrics).

  • Area classification.

  • Auxiliary parametric fields for future use.

  • Cable power, filling and bending information.


  • The field structure of the catalog files has been updated in the latest version of EDS. The data in the new fields is not essential for any original functions of EDS to continue working in the new version. You may add the new fields to your existing catalog files.

  • Parametric values and dimensions must all have distance units attached (e.g. 100.0m not 100.0) unless they represent angles. Angles are always in degrees and should not have units attached.

  • Cable filling factors are arbitrary units you may assign to any conductor or raceway specification. Cable filling regulations differ significantly from country to country. The Paneldes cable routing facilities will ADD all conductor cable factors for the conductors in a raceway, then divide this total by the raceway's cable factor to work out how "full" the raceway is.

  • Cable power rating is an arbitrary number assigned to cables and raceway to separate cables that may cause interference or power spikes in other cables. The number must be in the range 0 to 32768. A cable will not be placed into any section of raceway that does not have the same power rating as that assigned to the cable. Cables with different power ratings will therefore never be routed through the same section of raceway. Power rating is found in the catalog for cables and wires and is assigned to raceway during construction as a parameter on the construction dialog box.

Catalog file structures by type:

CATD??.DBF  Device catalogs

CATT??.DBF  Discrete terminal catalogs

CATW??.DBF  Panel wire catalogs

CATC??.DBF  Multi-core cable catalogs

CATP??.DBF  PLC I/O card catalogs

CATL??.DBF  Instrument catalogs

CATR??.DBF  Crimp catalogs

CATG??.DBF  General component catalogs (duct, tray, glands, vents ...)

CATX??.DBF  Device terminal details catalogs