Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

Catalog Directory

Main directory

All catalog files and the manufacturer list, MANUFACT.DBF, are stored in the "<EDS>\MET_CAT" directory for metric catalogs and the "<EDS>\IMP_CAT" directory for imperial catalogs.

You can choose instead to store your catalogs in a Microsoft Access database or on a SQL server database.

Catalog files are always loaded from only the currently configured catalog directory. EDS does not look for catalog files or the catalog directories, IMP_CAT or MET_CAT, under USER_SYMB or a Client.

Catalog sub-directories

Catalog files can be grouped into sub-directories under the main catalog directory. There can only be a single level of sub-directories.

The catalog files distributed with EDS have been organised in sub-directories according to manufacturer when there are multiple catalog files for that manufacturer.

Searching for files

When EDS is referencing the catalog for information about a component, it searches for the catalog file that contains the correct information. It will keep searching through all of the selected catalog sub-directories and the main directory, even after it finds a file with the correct manufacturer code. This is done in case you inadvertently split the files for one manufacturer between the main directory and a sub-directory.