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How to Sort and Filter the Manufacturer List


The manufacturer list can be filtered and sorted to ease the selection of a manufacturer. This is especially helpful when there are a large number of manufacturers which you may not intend using.

Operation of function

  1. Next to the manufacturer list there is the Filter button, click this to modify the manufacturer filtering. The configuration interface will be displayed.

  2. Each manufacturer is listed and can be individually activated or deactivated by checking the tick box next to the appropriate entry.

  3. The order the manufacturers are displayed in the catalog can also be controlled. The values in the fields of the MANUFACT.DBF database can be used to sort the entries in the list. Any field in the database can be used to sort by, and the direction of the sort can also be defined (ascending or descending). If you have special requirements for the sorting of the list then you can add fields to the MANUFACT.DBF for the exclusive purpose of sorting the list.