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How to Exit From the Catalog Without Using the Data


You may want to close the catalog window without copying the currently selected component specification from the catalog to a component. This would generally happen if you were viewing alternative component specifications or subcomponents and did not want to change the current component specification.

Operation of function

Inserting a component in Elecdes or Paneldes

  1. Remove the tick or cross mark from the Use Data checkbox.

  2. Click on the tab at the top of the window for the Component Data page.

  3. The component specification will remain the same as it was before you changed to the catalog tab page.

NOTE: The Use Data checkbox will be ticked automatically every time you click on a component specification in the catalog window.

Re-selecting a component specification from the Global Editor

  1. Click the Cancel button.

  2. This will close the catalog window and return to the Global Editor without changing the component specification.