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How to Add a Manufacturer

To add a manufacturer you must modify the MANUFACT.DBF file. To modify this file, open it with Database Editor.

To add a manufacturer, add a record to this file and fill in the code and manufacturer name. Use the next number available for a code and no more than 25 characters for the manufacturer name.

e.g. 40 My_new_manufacturer

The manufacturer codes are used as references to catalog files. You may wish to streamline your component selection by creating a MOST COMMONLY USED manufacturer code. This may represent an assortment of manufacturers and the components you use regularly. This would save time during catalog selection.

e.g. 0 Most_used

You should use code 0 for this purpose as EDS regards code 0 as a "multi manufacturer file" when searching for parts.

Automatic Addition:

When using Elecdes or Paneldes to add a catalog file, if a manufacturer has not been assigned to the code you provide, you will be asked for the manufacturer name and Elecdes will automatically append the new manufacturer to the MANUFACT.DBF file.

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