Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

Getting Started

Catalog File Use

Data sourced from the catalogs is used in:

  • Drawings

    Terminal assignments and ratings are shown in schematic drawings. Catalog data is also used in the Elecdes parametric I/O card generator. Visible ratings are attached to nearly all components.

    Lists of unused coils and contacts are obtained from catalogs when inserting relay components.

    Physical models are constructed in Paneldes using size and class information from catalogs. A model can also be physically altered by changing its associated catalog data. Refer to Global Editor.

  • Reports

    Bill of Materials and conductor schedules list component manufacturer details and the ratings of each component.

    Complete relay coil and contact lists are obtained from the catalogs for cross-reference reports.

  • Analysis

    Cable / wire routing use size, terminal position (and other) information provided in catalogs.

The catalogs can be accessed from four types of Elecdes and Paneldes function.

  • Symbol insertion functions for schematic drawings (Component, conductor, I/O card).

  • Construction functions for physical panel and plant models (Component, General).

  • Global Editor database functions (used for modifying specifications and parametrics in a model).

  • Analysis functions will reference the catalogs (materials and cable / wire routing).