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How to Provide an Alternate Subcomponent Structure


You can specify an alternative subcomponent structure for components inside a catalog file. This will only be required if you must divide a component into a different structure of subcomponents and that both structures must be available from a single shared catalog file.

For example: one office may require a relay to be drawn as a coil and separate contacts, whereas in another office the relay is drawn as a single overall block. Both offices can use either the same catalog file over a network or an identical copy of the catalog file. One office uses the alternate subcomponent structure.

Add an Alternate SUBCOMPn Column

To provide an alternate subcomponent structure you must add a "SUBCOMPn" column to the catalog, where "n" may be 1, 2, 3, ... 9. For example, you could add SUBCOMP2. When an alternate subcomponent structure has been provided in a catalog, you must choose which structure you want to use.

If an alternate subcomponent column is chosen, then the alternate subcomponent structure will be used when subcomponent numbers are present in the SUBCOMPn column. If the SUBCOMPn column is empty, for all of the records of a component, then the subcomponent numbers in the primary SUBCOMP column are used.

The alternate SUBCOMPn field should contain subcomponent numbers in the records appropriate to the alternate structure.

If a subcomponent number is present in both the SUBCOMP and the SUBCOMPn field, then that record is used for both the primary and the alternate structure.


The following is an example structure you could provide in your catalog file for a three phase contactor:

COIL0 C1233ph Contactor Coil
3PCOS1 C1233ph Contactor
CRO22C123Aux N/O contact
MTDT,CONTACTOR 0C1233ph Contactor

By default EDS would use the SUBCOMP column. This contactor would be represented on a schematic by a coil, 3ph contacts and a normally open auxiliary contact.

Another office with different requirements could use the same catalog, but choose the SUBCOMP2 column. The contactor would then be represented on a schematic by an MTD symbol and a normally open auxiliary contact. The MTD symbol is used in place of the separate coil symbol and 3ph contacts symbol. The auxiliary contact is used by both subcomponent structures.