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Cable Scheduler is designed primarily for project engineering companies who do "interface engineering" and "cable routing". These two functions do overlap however are not closely related (termination vs. routing).

Interface Engineering

Interface engineering involves connection of cables between various panels or devices in different locations.

Cables are created either in the Cable Scheduler database or within single line diagrams of an EDS project.

The termination details for the cables are generally not available before the use of cable scheduler however the need for connection and the signal names (and/or wire names) are known and are present on a set of schematics.

Using Cable Scheduler the INTER PANEL cables conductors are assigned to replace signal wires that have been pre created on a set of project schematics as Elecdes Wires. This allows for easily manageable cable selection and core allocation for the inter panel engineering.

After the use of Cable Scheduler your EDS project will be updated to include all of the cable termination details allowing for automatic generation of wiring diagrams, terminal strip diagrams and cable termination lists.

Cable Scheduler allows components and connection details to be created in a database. These details are then included in the standard EDS reports for materials and detailed connection lists. The overall procedure is as follows:

For more information on interface engineering with Cable scheduler:

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Cable Routing

Cable routing involves applying a list of cables to a raceway (trays etc) network plant model. The routing operation results in cable lengths, raceway filling, cross section reports, pull cards etc.

Cables are created either in the Cable Scheduler database or within single line diagrams or schematics of an EDS project.

The raceway network model is created within Paneldes.

Using Cable Scheduler the cables are all auto routed, semi auto routed or manually routed through the raceway network. Many routing rules are checked and problems are reported. Cable lengths, drumming and raceway fills and routes are all automatically reported. Cable Scheduler greatly reduces the energy required to calculate and report the cable routing results that would otherwise be time consuming and expensive (and usually inaccurate).

The cable routing output is typically report based. Several reports are produced that can be directly issued to cable installers.

For more information on cable routing with Cable scheduler

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Cable Scheduler is installed as part of EDS.


Like other programs in EDS, Cable Scheduler requires a licence in order to be used. If you are using Cable Scheduler for routing you will need an appropriate Paneldes licence as the auto router is part of Paneldes. Interface engineering will require you to have an appropriate Elecdes licence.

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