Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

How to Update the Elecdes Project


Under normal operation cable scheduler will update the Elecdes project with any changes that have been made during the session. You may however wish to force an update without exiting cable scheduler possibly to share your changes with another EDS user.

The data updated in the Elecdes project cache is controlled by the image file templates in the <EDS>\RTEMPLATE directory. (e.g. The file template_$DEVICE.DBF contains all of the columns that can be written into the Elecdes project cache for Devices).

Should you have extra columns of data that you wish to include in the Cable Scheduler database and later output to the various EDS diagrams and reports then you will need to add this column to the appropriate template file.


  1. Choose Update Elecdes Project from the File Menu

  2. Cable Scheduler will write any changes to the Elecdes cache file