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How to Reselect the Specification for a Component


The Select From Catalog function allows an existing component to have its specification reselected from the EDS catalog files. The same component builder tool that was used to create the component is used to reselect the specification from the catalog. Click on the links below for information about each component builder.

If the new specification for the component alters the number of terminals or cores / conductors of the component then the database will be updated to reflect the new specification. If there are more terminals or cores / conductors, then new terminals or cores / conductors will be created. If there are fewer terminals or cores / conductors, then the excess components and their connections will be removed from the database.


  1. Right click on the component for which you wish to reselect the specification.

  2. Select "Select from catalog" from the pop-up menu.

  3. The appropriate component builder will be started. Click the [Pick from EDS Catalog files] button and choose the specification that you require.

    For more information about a particular component builder, click on the appropriate link below.

Component Builders:

Device Builder

Terminal Strip Builder

Cable Builder

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