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How to Open an Cable Scheduler Database

Opening an Existing Project

This procedure is used to open an existing EDS project that already has a database. This will usually be a project that you have previously opened from Cable Scheduler.

  1. From the "File" menu, select "Create/Open Project".

  2. Click the [Create or Open Project File] button to specify the project file.

  3. Select an existing project file and click the [Open] button.

  4. If the project file has an Cable Scheduler project database associated with it, it will now be loaded.

    If it does not, then you will be offered the chance to create a database for the project.


  • The last four projects that were accessed can be opened by choosing them from the list on the File menu.

If the project you open uses a SQL Server database, you may be prompted for a database account username and password, in order to connect to the database.

Multiple Projects

Cable Scheduler can open more than one project at one time. Thus you can copy data from one project to another within Cable Scheduler.

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