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Importing DBF Format Database Tables


  1. Select "Import Data" from the Instrument Manager file menu.

  2. Select the tag table into which the components should be imported. In a project database created from the default database template there will be only a single tag table.

  3. Select "DBF Database" from the list of "Types of Files to Import".

  4. Click the [Next] button.

    Select the import mapping file to use. This will have to be prepared in advance.

  5. Click the [Next] button.

  6. Click the [Add File] button. Select the database files to import and click the [Open] button. This adds the files to the file list. Any number of files can be added here. Files can be removed from the list by selecting them and clicking the [Remove File] button.

  7. Click the [Finish] button to perform the importing.

  8. If the imported table contains component names that already exist in your project database, then you will be asked if the existing component data should be overwritten. Existing components will not be completely overwritten. Only the data that is mapped from the imported file will be overwritten.

Drag and Drop

You can now drag and drop one (or many) suitable files, to be imported, on to the "Select Files" dialog rather than browsing for those files.

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