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How to Backup / Export from SQL Server to Access

SQL Server databases are not easy for regular users to back up and restore and are not easy to send via email or online file sharing. SQL Server databases cannot be accessed from a laptop that is disconnected from your workplace network.

You can use this procedure inside Cable Scheduler to export your SQL Server project to a new Access database to create a backup, or to send to a client or subcontractor.

NOTE: This procedure does not merge with existing contents in an Access database; it exports the data from the current project into a new empty Access database file.


  1. Ensure no other users have this project open and ensure they will not open it during the migration procedure.

  2. From the File menu, select Export database to Access file.

  3. Confirm (or edit if desired) the file name for the exported / back-up Access database file then click Save.

    The project name followed by ".exported.mdb" is suggested as a default file name, e.g. for a project named "Project1" the suggested database filename is "Project1.exported.mdb".

  4. If you have chosen or enter the name of a database file that already exists, you will be asked to confirm that you want to overwrite the file.

    The previous file will be completely overwritten if you click Yes to overwrite.

    NOTE: Usually this means that you have used the wrong file name, unless you are intentionally overwriting a previous export from the same project.

  5. The contents of the original SQL Server database will then be copied into the new Access database. Wait for the process to complete.

  6. The procedure finishes with a message confirming the export and the name of the exported database file.

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