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How to Modify Attributes of Symbols


This tool can modify properties of attributes of selected symbols. It can also add or delete attributes of symbols.


  1. Choose the files to modify

  2. Use Change Attribute, Add New Attribute, and Delete Attribute to change, add and delete attributes as required.

    • More than one task can be input.

    • Change an existing task if necessary by selecting the task and clicking the Edit Task or Delete Task.

    • You can save the current task list by clicking Save Task List and load them later for re-usage by clicking on the button Load Task List. Users can choose to delete or keep the current list items while loading another list.

  3. Click Start to submit all of the tasks.

  4. When the process is complete, you may click Read Log File to view the output of the process, which will include any errors encountered.

Change Attribute

Tick the checkboxes of properties to be changed. Properties that are not ticked will not be changed.

Fill out the properties of the attribute.

Add New Attribute

Fill out the properties of the attribute.

Tick Replace existing attribute with new definition to replace the attribute if it already exists. If unticked, the existing attribute will be kept.

Delete Attribute

Enter the name of the attribute to delete into the combo box, or pick it from the drop down list.

Attribute Properties

TagAttribute tag
HeightSets the height for the text of the attribute
LayerSets the layer that the attribute will be on.
Text StyleSets the style of text required for the attribute
InvisibleSets whether the attribute is visible or invisible
Position X

Sets the X and Y coordinates of the attribute.

Prefixing the value with @ will treat the value as relative, and can be used to move multiple instances of the attribute by the same amount.

Using an absolute value will move all of instances of the attribute to the specified position.

Position Y
AlignmentSets the alignment of the attribute.
PromptSets the prompt for the attribute.
RotationSets the rotation of the attribute.
ColorSets the colour for the selected attribute, either by layer, by block, or by selecting an AutoCAD colour index (1-255).
WidthfactorSets the length of the attribute by increasing the width of each character.