Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

Batch Printer Limitations

The current version of Batch Printer is designed to plot two-dimensional electrical schematics. The Batch Printer can not deal with three-dimensional drawings - use your CAD package to plot these.

Dashed lines may only be assigned a single dash size for the drawing being printed. The size is set in real world units and is the length of a single dash.

The Batch Printer does not currently contain code to calculate curve fits to polyline entities and will simply join the vertices of any such entity with straight lines.

Polyline thicknesses are ignored, all line thicknesses must be set using colours!

Other Entities currently not processed include:

  • All three-dimensional entities

  • Construction lines, Dimensions, Leaders and Tolerances

  • Multi-lines, Points and Rays

  • Shapes, Solids, Splines and Traces

  • Donuts

Code to process the entities mentioned above has not been included in this version of the Batch Printer. They will simply fail to appear on the drawing when it is displayed /printed.

The Batch Printer handles all Elecdes symbols correctly.

Viewing symbol files

Batch Printer has features to help you check block or symbol files. When Batch Printer is used to view a block file (the DWG file for a schematic symbol) then:

  • Attribute definitions that are set to be invisible or are on a hidden layer are shown in dark grey.

  • Attribute definitions with constant values will show that value after the attribute definition name, e.g. the LENGTH attribute for a symbol that is set to 15 would appear as:

    LENGTH = '15'