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Selecting Prototypes / Templates


In any Protogen database each record requires one or two prototypes (template drawing files) to be named. The prototypes named form the background graphic and locate the text of all, or part, of the final diagram that you wish to create.

The PROTOTYPE field and the SPROTOTYPE field are the fields that should contain these prototype drawing names. If the optional SPROTOTYPE field is present then IT will be the one used in the relational "inserting" of a sub prototype to a master. This frees up the, always present, PROTOTYPE field for use in simple Protogen cloning such as data sheet production (1 to 1 cloning from that database).

The prototype does not require a path. It is always found in the "prototypes directory" which can be modified with EDS Setup. The prototype does not require a suffix as it is always .DWG.

If the SPROTOTYPE field is not present then the PROTOTYPE field is used for relational "inserting" if required.

From Protogen the prototypes may be selected from a list.


To select a PROTOTYPE for a row in a DBF;

  1. Select the PROTOTYPE (or SPROTOTYPE) column and the row of interest.

  2. Click the right button of the mouse and choose the "Pick Prototype" option.

  3. A dialog listing the PROTOTYPES/TEMPLATES of your prototypes directory will appear. Choose one of these prototypes. Then Press "Open".

  4. The PROTOTYPE will be set in the cell[s] of interest.