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AutoCAD 3D Introduction

Paneldes creates it's own 3D entities [automatically] using SOLIDS, Polygon Meshes and 3D Polylines. Paneldes places borders in Paperspace and has a fully automated setup of 4 Modelspace Viewports for your convenience.

This section offers a background on these terms and a few other issues relating to working in 3D within AutoCAD. The following topics are an abbreviated summary of some of the more relevant AutoCAD 3D drawing techniques for Paneldes users who have a basic understanding of AutoCAD and it's 2D operations. For detailed explanations on other AutoCAD 3D areas, please refer to the appropriate section of the AutoCAD Reference Manual.

Relevant 3D Topics

Paperspace and Modelspace

Plotting and Dimensioning

Coordinate Systems

Viewing, Hiding & Shading