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How to Start a New Drawing in Paneldes

Paneldes is only available running under Windows. This means the start up process is as simple as double clicking your mouse on the Paneldes ICON. Once this is done, AutoCAD will start and load Paneldes.

The entry to the drawing session involves start-up procedures and messages, which inform you of the start up progress. It also involves the placement and use of border drawings and Model Views in Paper Space

New Drawing Session

If you use the AutoCAD FILE NEW command or start Paneldes from Windows you will be presented with a dialog box asking if you wish to define the scaling of your model and place a datum block in the drawing to store this information. Model units & Scaling discusses insertion of this block and setting values for units and scaling. Whenever you start Paneldes from Windows or open a NEW drawing you will be asked to insert a datum block. If you open an existing drawing, which contains a datum block, you will not be asked to insert one.

Drawing session start up will complete and inform you:

"Paneldes is now loaded"


The new drawing will contain multiple layouts including the defaults "Model" and "Layout1" which are created by AutoCAD. In addition to these default layouts, Paneldes creates a "3D Layout". It is recommended that you use this layout for construction. Paneldes will select this layout for you by default when making a new drawing or opening an existing drawing.

Untitled Drawings

The new drawing you have created will be called drawing1.dwg or a similar name. This is the default name given to a new drawing by AutoCAD. It is recommended that you use the AutoCAD SaveAs command to save the drawing file as a meaningful name at this stage.