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User Defined Type Builder


User defined component types have a generic add component dialog. The title will reflect the type of component being added.


  1. Enter the name of the component in the Component Name edit box. A default name is provided by the name sequence assigned to the user type folder you are adding to.

  2. You can choose the specification for the component from the EDS catalogs. Click the Pick from EDS Catalog files button, then choose the desired component specification.

    A default map file is used to map the columns from the catalog file to the columns in the ratings record of the component. You can choose a different map file by clicking the Browse button.

    • Click the Create one button to add the component to the database without exiting the dialog. The component name on the dialog will be updated to show the next name as determined by the component folder name sequence. Further presses of the Create one button will add components named incrementally.

    • Click the [OK] button to add the component to the database and exit the dialog.

    • Click the Create all and close button to add the number of components specified in the "Number of items" box, then exit the dialog.

      If you are re-selecting the components from the catalog then the number will be disabled, but clicking Update all and close will modify all of the components that you have chosen to re-select from the catalog.

    • Click the Cancel button to exit the dialog without adding any further components to the database.

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