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How to Mark a Symbol as Duplicated


Elecdes typically expects only one symbol per type (schematic, single-line) per subcomponent for any given component. When there are additional symbols, this is reported as a warning in the Ebase materials reports, to alert the user of a potential issue (for example, the user may have intended to represent a new component, by copying an symbol for an existing component, but then forgot to rename it).

If you intend to have more than one symbol per type per subcomponent, then all instances of symbols of that type and subcomponent need to be marked as duplicated. This conveys your intention to Elecdes, and suppresses the duplication warning in the materials reports.


The easiest way to mark a symbol as duplicated in Elecdes is with the Set Duplicate function:

  1. Select Set Duplicate from the Elecdes > Utility menu, or type SETDUPLCIATE in the command line and press <ENTER>.
  2. Select the symbols to mark as duplicated, and press <ENTER>
  3. Elecdes will add DUPLICATED to the RSTATUS attribute (if not already present). If the RSTATUS attribute is not present in any of the symbols, it will be added as an invisible attribute in the block definition(s) and block reference(s).

Alternatively, Global Editor or manual attribute edits can also be used.

See How to Suppress Duplicated Symbol Warnings in the Ebase help for more details.