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How to Repeat the Last Symbol Insertion


CAD packages generally provide a method of repeating most of their functions (COPY, ERASE etc.) simply by pressing the <ENTER> key, immediately after the function is run.

ARX/FDT functions, of the type Elecdes uses, will only repeat in this manner if they are defined as "C:" functions and have no parameters / arguments given to them.

Many Elecdes functions have arguments and hence cannot be "C:" functions.

When you run an Elecdes function, Elecdes stores the ARX/FDT function pointer and all of its arguments.

The Elecdes Repeat function can then re-run the command without picking items from the pull down menu or icon menus.


  1. If you wish to run the function again, without selection, select Repeat Last Symbol from the Elecdes > Utility menu.

    You may also enter "rp" to run the Repeat function without toolbar selection.

  2. This will re-run the function (irrespective of whether it is a "C:" function or has arguments).

  3. Once this is done you may press <ENTER> as often as you like to re-run the original function.

    e.g. insert the same terminal symbol 10 times with 1 icon selection.

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