Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

How to Modify Component Data

The component data for the components you have selected can be edited in the data fields on the right of the Global Editor window.

Not all of the fields permit editing. Fields like HANDLE and CLASS cannot be edited, as they are necessary for writing the information back to the drawing.

If you have more than one component selected in the component selection list, the data fields on the right will display the data for the first selected item in the list.

When you modify zone tag information in the $ZONE.dbf file the Global Editor will search for the use of that zone tag text within tag names of other components such as the TAGNAME column of the $DEVICES.dbf file and the TBLOCK and T1 columns of the $TERM.dbf file. Where the zone tag is recognised the corresponding tag names will be updated to suit the new zone tag in these files.