Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

Reversed Symbols


Elecdes symbols cannot be mirrored or rotated using the AutoCAD commands. If a symbol in the opposite orientation to the existing symbols is required on a drawing then the symbol with the desired orientation will need to be created. To ease this process there is an automatic function to do the bulk of the reversed symbol creation for you.

This applies to devices and terminals, particularly for polarised terminals.


  1. Insert the symbol that you want to reverse into your drawing in Elecdes.

  2. Run the Reverse Inserted Symbol command. This is available from the Elecdes > Symbols menu or the symbol toolbar.

    This function can also be found on the Elecdes > Utility menu

  3. Select the symbol on the drawing that you want to convert to a 'reversed' orientation.

  4. If the reversed symbol does not exist, Elecdes will create a new symbol file with reversed graphical appearance to the one selected inside the drawing. The terminal attributes will be swapped left to right for V symbols and top to bottom for H symbols.

    This new 'reversed' symbol will be inserted into the drawing, replacing the original symbol that was selected for reversal at the start of the function.

  5. The name allocated to the new symbol can be found from the block which was inserted. A reversed symbol will have a suffix of '9'.

  6. If the symbol requires corrections then this symbol file can be opened and modified as required. The directory the symbol was placed in is the same as the original symbol was located.

Note: Reverse Symbol function discards hatches and internal blocks, as they disturb line breaking when reversed automatically.