Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

Reference, Indicator and Operator Symbols


Reference and Indicator Symbols are provided to add drawing clarity. For electrical schematic diagrams, general indicators and operational indicators are provided. For instrument loop diagrams some sample mechanical symbols are provided.


  • General indicators: Arrowheads, rotation indicators etc.

  • Operators: Switch operator functions: Push, pull, turn, float, fluid, etc.

  • P&ID Mechanical: General mechanical symbols found on P&IDs. These may be used on your loop diagrams for showing mechanical components related to loops. Contains pumps, valves, taps etc.

Symbol File names

The file/block names are user defined. They can have any file name that is not recognised as an Elecdes component symbol.

Elecdes Symbol Naming Conventions


The files for these symbols are all found in the following directories:

  • Reference and Indicator symbols: <EDS >\IMP_RFIN and <EDS >\MET_RFIN (for metric users);

Location on the Menu

The icon menus for reference, indicator and operator symbols can be found on the Elecdes > Symbols menu. The symbols are divided into categories, listed below. Each category displays an ICON menu of symbols.

  • Operator symbols

  • Reference and Indicator symbols

  • Mechanical Reference symbols

Insertion Procedure

How to insert symbols

Attributes of Reference and Indicator Symbols

The Reference and Indicator symbols in general have no attributes. A single attribute may be placed on a reference or indicator symbol. This attribute would be used for drawing annotation only and will not be used in reporting. None of the supplied symbols in this category have an attribute.

Customisation of Reference and Indicator Symbols

For information about adding and customising Reference and Indicator symbols and their menu entries see Symbol Modification.