Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

Recommended Directory Structures

Elecdes Design Suite Directories

Elecdes is installed with a master program directory and subdirectories. These directories should be treated as system directories.

Elecdes system directories SHOULD NOT be used for user drawings and data files.

Recommended Directory Structures

We recommend the following style of organisation of your directories, drawings and data files.

Structure your directories to represent your electrical plant layout.


\Site05  \Plant01  \Equip08



   \Plant02  \Equip13


Where Equip08 is an electrically autonomous section of Plant01 on Site05.

If run from this directory, Elecdes will place all drawing files and can optionally place reports in this directory.

As electrical systems tend to connect plant wide, look for sections of plant with minimal connection.

Connection details (drawings and reports) may be stored in the Plant?? directories.

Once a structure has been established you are recommended to use only one Elecdes project per directory.

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