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Elecdes Project Set-up

Elecdes uses Elecdes Projects in its data processing. An Elecdes Project may be related to a pre-defined section of plant or equipment. This is the logical usage of the Elecdes Project.

Thus, from a schematic or drawing perspective, an Elecdes Project is a set of associated drawing files, reports, and a project definition file that represents this plant or equipment.

Projects are assigned a project name. The project name is used to identify the files associated with the project, e.g. reports, component naming, last used component data and drawing image files. These files have file names that start with the project name.

For example: for the project "Refinery01", the Bill of Materials will be named "Refinery01BOM.dbf".

Elecdes projects are stored in text files with a PRJ file extension, e.g. "Refinery01.PRJ". The project file contains an individual entry for each drawing. There is a limit of 2000 drawings in a project. A project can contain drawings from multiple directories.

Ebase provides the creation, supervision and definition of the active or current project.

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