Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

Drawing Standards

The symbols provided with Elecdes adhere to standards as follows:

  • IEC617 (=BS39XX)

  • AS1102

  • IEEE315A (=ANSIY32)

  • A selection of ANSI 315 (1976) symbols have been provided

  • ISA S5 (Instrumentation)

If your office uses a slightly different symbol to Elecdes, consult drawing office management and your appropriate national standards. If you do not conform (and Elecdes does) you should switch. Many drawing offices tend to lag behind with national standards. After many years of doing this, your drawings may become difficult to read by other (more up to date) organisations. Ensure your drawing office co-ordinates standards, so all CAD users create similar drawings. This is important when modifying or creating new symbols.