Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

Contents of an Elecdes drawing

Elecdes drawings ideally consist of 8 parts:

  • Line segments, representing conductors, connecting components.

  • Elecdes symbols for components. (e.g. a fuse).

  • Elecdes component attributes for drawing annotation and reporting.

  • Elecdes symbols for detailing conductors (e.g. wire/cable core (conductor) markers and ferrules attached to lines).

  • Elecdes conductor marker attributes for drawing annotation and reporting.

  • Reference symbols and text for drawing annotation (e.g. borders, titles, arrows etc.).

  • Special control symbols used for drawing analysis (e.g. wire connect dots).

  • Special control symbols, not visible on the drawing, for controlling the output of reports (e.g. termination blocks).

The drawings that you create should contain a subset of the above. The above items can be classified as the pictorial, or graphical, part of the drawing and the textual part of the drawing. All standard drawing functions provided by your CAD package are available for symbol, line and text construction and editing.

Elecdes provides several methods of text input for symbol attributes and report data. (All methods provided by your CAD package are also available).