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How to Hide or Show an Attribute of a Symbol


Elecdes provides a function that will alternately hide and show a user specified attribute of a selected symbol each time the function is run. The attribute "toggled" is user programmable via the Elecdes Menu. Sample menu entries have been provided for changing the visibility of the name, panel, CATDESC and USER_C1 attributes of any Elecdes symbol.

Toggle name attribute visibility

The name attributes that can be hidden are as follows:

TerminalsTBLOCK – The terminal strip name of a terminal


  1. Select Toggle XXXX att visibility from the Elecdes > Utility menu.

    Where XXXX is the attribute to toggle.

  2. Select any group of devices, terminals, wires and/or cables.

    A mixture of Elecdes symbol types is allowed.

  3. Then Press <ENTER>.

  4. To repeat this function press <ENTER> again.

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