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How to Display the Tagname as Two Lines of Text


Sometimes you may wish to have the tagname of a symbol displayed over multiple lines of text if for example the tagname was made up of two parts. Elecdes normally stores the Tagname in the TAGNAME attribute but can optionally take the tagname and split it around a '/' delimiter putting the first part into a FUNCTION attribute the second into a CIRCUIT attribute.

To take advantage of this functionality your symbol must contain FUNCTION and CIRCUIT attributes and you must place a '/' in your tagname at the place where it should be divided. You can also optionally include a LINE_ATT attribute. This attribute will be filled with a value from the ini file. It can be used to divide the FUNCTION and CIRCUIT attributes with a line or other such formatting.


  1. Ensure your symbol file has the attributes FUNCTION and CIRCUIT

  2. None of the symbols supplied with Elecdes contain these attributes.

  3. Insert your symbol in Elecdes using a tagname with a '/' at the place to split e.g. Motor/01

  4. Once the symbol has been inserted the TAGNAME attribute will contain the text Motor/01

  5. Type ffac on the CAD command line

  6. You will be prompted to pick the symbols you wish to update

  7. Pick the symbol you inserted

  8. The FUNCTION attribute will now contain the text Motor and the CIRCUIT attribute will contain the text 01

  9. The optional LINE_ATT attribute will contain the contents of the ini file variable FFAC_LINE_ATT_STRING which can contain arbitrary text and can be changed by the user.